Diary Prof. Tariq Ramadan

Prof. Tariq Ramadan

For Hamed
With my thoughts and thanks
God bless you


Diary Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein

Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein

To Hamed,
It was a special pleasure and honor to meet you.
The Iranian people need you!
You represent the important example that it’s possible to be a practicing Muslim
and to be respectful of all kinds of people.
Keep wearing your girlfriend scarf, even on hot summer days at the beach.
Best, Norm Finkelstein
That so few now dare to be eccentric marks the chief danger of our time – John Stuart Mill


Diary Prof. James Petras

Prof. James Petras

I appreciate your organizing skills and commitment to end US-Israeli threats and aggression in the Middle East
in solidarity
james petras


Diary Dieudonné


Bonjour, a small video clip to introduce or better saying to let you know what I think on Hamed, Hamed Ghashghavi, Hamed :D. Anyhow he has many comic and humorous qualities and adding to that he would like to make others laugh. Don't tell him what I'm telling to you but he is talented, he is talented, he speaks all languages, he arrived to master the accents, the matter of speaking French, Arabic, Persian, English, that is a supplementary asset because now with internet we have a person who can express himself and being heard by many people. No, no, I don't speak to much (about that matter) as I believe that he is becoming my rival! Therefore it's normal that I think to myself and my business but I'm afraid, I'm a little bit afraid of Hamed


Diary Yvonne Ridley

Yvonne Ridley

I know what a nightmare it is trying to organise any event. I never ceased to be amazed by the drive, enthusiasm and energy of Hamed Ghashghavi. While the success of international events are rarely down to the work of one single person it is easy to see how Hamed ’s organisational skills are pivotal to the smooth-running and positive results achieved after months of planning and preparation. Seeing his tireless efforts during the run up to the first ever festival in honour of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) bear fruit would have been regarded by most as a personal triumph, but Hamed is a modest and self-deprecating soul.


Diary Dr. Kevin J. Barrett

Dr. Kevin J. Barrett

Dear mon cher Hamed, Quand I first t’a fait la connaissance you spoke meilleure French qu’English. So I parlé-ed with you en français a lot. But now vous speak très très excellent English, it is vraiment formidable. So there is no more reason to switch into French with you, since you now speak English like a native. I hope one day to return your wonderful hospitality and host you here in the USA insha’allah. That is one of the reasons I’m working to improve the common sense and moral values of American political life…so I can some day host Hamed! If that ever happens, I will know we have won, and I will retire from politics to work on my novel and/or my Qur’an commentary. Your friend, Kevin


Diary Prof. James H. Fetzer

Prof. James H. Fetzer

My dear Hamed,
It was my great pleasure to
participate in the 3rd International
Hollywoodism Conference 2-7 February
2013 in Tehran. I especially enjoyed
meeting you and listening to your voice
singing [beautifully] during our traveling
around the city. You are a wonderful man!
Warmest regards,


Diary Medea Benjamin

Medea Benjamin

"Dear Hamed, Thank you for being such a wonderful host and for the energy, dedication and passion you exhibit. While most people go through life on a slow track, you race at record speed while remembering to take time to build deep relationships and discuss deep thoughts. You are wise beyond your years and I look forward to seeing where life takes you - and where you take your life. With thanks and admiration "


Diary Ken O'keefe

Ken O'keefe

Dear Hamed,
On this visit we have travelled throughout Iran, on a very hectic schedule indeeded you were responsible for me meeting and fielding questions from student all over this nation. I'm thoroughly enriched and blessed by this experience. You also introduced me to the crew at Soraya TV, great people, great mission. You are a brother to me. I hope you only grow from your hardships, I plan to collaborate with you again in future, inshallah. "My brother, It is truly an honor and a blessing to now you in my beloved family. I hope to see you next year at the latest. TJP, Truth Justice Peace, Natural man, World citizen"


Diary Dr. Rev. Stephen Sizer

Dr. Rev. Stephen Sizer

"Hamed is one amazing guy. He has enormous energy and dedication for the things he believes in. He has passion and drive that inspires others. And he has a smile that disarms those who don’t yet know him. He is thoughtful and sharp in his thinking but gentle and caring too. I am delighted to know him and count him as a friend."


Diary Dr. Gareth Porter

Dr. Gareth Porter

Dear Hamed,
Here's to the hardest working guy of all. We all pay tribute to you for your intensity of effort and your efficiency at all times.
I have no doubt you are headed for great things in the future. I look forward to following your path in the future when I return to Iran - as I surely will.
With all the best wishes and gratitude.


Diary Yisroel Dovid Weiss

Yisroel Dovid Weiss

To my dear friend Hamed Ghashghavi
With the almighty’s gifts granted you, your knowledge of many languages, charm etc. you have combined these with a good and warm heart and you use these blessings to exemplify a beautiful representation of the awesome, stupendous country of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
I cannot thank you enough for all your loyalty and kindness you showed e and my colleagues. May the almighty bless you in all you future
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss


Diary Alison Weir

Alison Weir

Dear Hamed
Thank you for all your energy, excitement, humor, and dedication!
I've enjoyed meeting you and working with you.
I look forward to working with you again to make a world full of peace and justice for everyone.
Warm Regards
Alison Weir
Feb. 26, 2017


Diary J Michael Springmann

J Michael Springmann

Washington, D.C.
December 10, 2018

Dear Hamed,
I still haven't recovered mentally from the wonderful May trip to Iran that you arranged for me. It was a grand adventure, probably the greatest in my life. Thanks to your efforts, all was taken care of, visa, airfare, hotel room, meals. All I had to do was show up and learn about Iran and its people. My only regret was that I wasn't there long enough and didn't see enough. But, then, my week in the country lasted only seven days.
However, you did schedule us as much as humanly possible in that period. Besides the truly magnificent Shrine of the 8th Imam, Reza, you arranged interviews with a wide variety of journalists, even getting me onto Nader Talebzadeh's TV show and a news program. Our trip to Qazvin was stunning, both in terms of history, meetings, and wonderful buildings.
The people you assembled were amazing. I never expected to meet officials from the CIA like Phil Giraldi, Lauren Booth, whose book I bought, Scott Bennett, Giulietto Chiesa (who put me in his movie Zero), Greta Berlin, as well as Hafsa Kara-Mustapha, an amazing journalist and political commentator.
You were warm, friendly, outgoing--and overworked. You had to coordinate arrangements for 50-odd people with different backgrounds and experiences. All that I talked with during and afterwards were quite pleased with their involvement. And I am especially happy that you helped me buy bracelets for friends back here. The women were delighted with such beautiful souvenirs.
I was quite taken with the great food! At the caravanserai in Mashhad and at the hotel complex in Zanjan. I still talk about it. Another event in that area which I fondly remember is looking for the New Moon of Ramadan with a group of people with powerful optics.
My only suggestions for improvement would be (1) get yourself an assistant (Fatima?) so that you could be twice as efficient; and (2) build in some time for sightseeing and shopping. Iran produces such beautiful handicraft s and has such magnificent architecture and landscape.
Best regards,

J. Michael Springmann


Diary Giulietto Chiesa

Giulietto Chiesa

Dear Hamed, I'm grateful for the help you gave me during the stay in Tehran at the conference in support of Palestine. We are all aware of the seriousness of the world's political crisis. But equally aware that our enemies - the enemies of humanity - are losing, day by day, the absolute rule. For the first time the 'Universe' owners are in trouble and in retreat. For this reason they are dangerous. But the peoples are not losers and are becoming able to defend themselves. I wish you good luck. Giulietto Chiesa.


Diary Prof. Anthony James Hall

Prof. Anthony James Hall

Hamed Ghashghavi: raconteur, poet, social animator, pundit, comic, music-man, polemicist, righter of wrongs, exposer of lies, inventor of myths, friend, confident, defender of family values, contributor of original material to social media, linguist extraordinaire
to be continued.
Tony Hall


Diary Dr. Paul Larudee

Dr. Paul Larudee

As you know, Hamed, the trip was very special to me, not least because I had not been to Iran since childhood. You and your team made it even more special by help to trace my family origins in Iran. You assembled a really brilliant team of professionals to film and record everything. I realize now that I also should have spent more time in shopping and other activities. It was also a great pleasure to meet face to face with Marzieh, Ali and other Press TV personalities that I previously knew only by electronic contact. Also the other conference attendees, some of whom are friends and others whom I met for the first time. If there's one thing I can suggest for the future, it's for good Wi-Fi access in the rooms wherever we are. All of the attendees depend heavily on Internet access, and if they have to go to the lobby for it, there are too many distractions and temptations to talk to other guests. Finally, it was very special to meet you and Nader in person, and of course your lovely and intelligent fiancée (now spouse)!


Diary Pepe Escobar

Pepe Escobar

"Hamed is a force of nature - a hurricane of energy in English, French and Farsi. We first met by skype over a year ago - and then, after meeting him in person in Tehran, the full picture came into focus: a young man with myriad focuses, son of a diplomat, years of multicultural agitation in Tunisia, a disarmingly fresh sense of humor, and overwhelming passion for the right causes. I now consider him a very cherished friend - and I sincerely wish him for all his innumerable, attractive atributes to keep blooming. With love, Pepe"


Diary Patrick Henningsen

Patrick Henningsen

Dear Hamed
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for introducing me to you incredible country and people – a truly remarkable experience. Iran has a unique perspective in geopolitics and regional affairs and this has been a great opportunity to learn about these issue, and what Iran can contribute to the global conversations – Lastly, I wish to thank you for your special ability as an event organizer to bring so many wonderful people together from all over the world to share ideas and knowledge. This is so important! We salute you!
Kind Regards
Patrick Henningsen


Diary Iurie Roșca

Iurie Roșca

My dear friend Hamed Ghashghavi,
I would like to express my warm and honest enthusiasm for this so important event. Before this conference I was not aware of how bad the situation is in Palestine. But now I’m much better informed. I was happy to meet here some good friends of mine, and to find new friends, and friends of our common friends from different countries.
We must keep in touch and to develop our cooperation.
Thank you a lot for inviting me.
God bless you and your country!


Diary Prof. Claudio Mutti

Prof. Claudio Mutti

Hamed Ghashghavi is an extraordinary young man whom I knew in Tehran on the occasion on two international congress. I appreciated his capacity as a dynamic and indefatigable organizer who speaks Arabic, French and English, but also a very brilliant teller and talker. He is an exceptional comedian. Having told him that he could work with Dieudonné, he replied that it was Dieudonné who could work with him ...


Diary Dr. E. Michael Jones

Dr. E. Michael Jones

"Dear Hamed, Thank you for organizing the conference and trip to Shiraz. The talk in Fasa was one of the best events. You have a genius for bringing people together that will take you far, remember me when you became president. L’Audace! Toujours l’audace, Your friend"


Diary Dr. Scott Bennett

Dr. Scott Bennett

Mr. Hamed Ghashghavi is one of the best diplomats the world could hope to have in helping develop peace, friendships, and collaborations between different people and nations. I have personally had the good fortune of participating in a confernce Mr. Ghashghavi helped organize in Iran. I was among a group of Americans who were invited to speak at this conference, and Mr. Ghashghavi performed an incredible feat by serving as the intermediator, and was able to achieve a diplomatic miracle by obtaining visas for us to visit Iran. I was also invited to appear on Iranian National Television due to Mr. Ghashghavi's talent and good character, and his ability to impress upon senior diplomatic circles and religious leaders that it was in Iran's best interest to have Americans appear and speak truth in our own voices, and let Iranians hear us. The conference was exceptionally successful because of Mr. Ghashghavi's hard work, and I am sure he will continue this great work in the future.


Diary Hafsa Kara Mustapha

Hafsa Kara Mustapha

Meeting Hamad is like being taken on a roller coaster on which there is no stop button! I remain very impressed by your organisational skills and your commitment to the anti-Zionist cause which you serve with dedication and aplomb.

Our conversations in Frarabico-English on topics such as religion, politics and couscous were one of the highlights of my time in Iran. Keep up the good fight and keep away from crowded lifts!


Diary Roberto Quaglia

Roberto Quaglia

Hamed Ghashghavi – my unforgettable friend! Thank you for having been such a good host every time you've invited me to visit beautiful Iran! As Pepe Escobar rightfully commented, you are a force of nature! Always smiling, and yet perfectly and efficiently focused on all your duties. Again and again you managed to surprise me with you sharp humour – and it's not that easy to surprise me in this field. And the story you've told me about the film made about you as if you were actually someone else is the ultimate highlight!


Diary Art Olivier

Art Olivier

"You are one of the most dynamic personalities that the world has ever seen. I look forward to the day when Hamed's administration takes over Iran while the world realizes an everlasting peace"


Diary Wayne Madsen

Wayne Madsen

"Hamid is a very helpful conference organizer. A future as a successful conference and event planner."


Diary Merlin Miller

Merlin Miller

Dear Hamed
Thank you for your boundless energy and commitment to peace and understanding. I’ll never forget your unique and entertaining “whistle” and how you effectively bridged national and cultural differences to welcome us so warmly to Iran…. a beautiful country of beautiful people, may God bless you always.
Your friends,


Diary Mark Weber

Mark Weber

Dear Hamed,
The more I saw of you in action, the more I appreciated your upbeat spirit, your seemingly inexhaustible energy, and your ability to work well with people in getting things done. You’ll go far!
With gratitude and best wishes,


Diary Rabbi Ahron Cohen

Rabbi Ahron Cohen

Dear Hamed, I know you tried your best and I have no complaints even though things may have appeared to be a bit chaotic at times. You asked me to write something about you. I believe you are a many faceted person, but I saw just a few aspects of Hamed Ghashghavi. I saw that you are extremely hard working, hardly sleeping for weeks on end. But retaining your good-naturedness throughout. Seemingly to have the ability to do several things at the same time (or at least you try to do so!). Everything gets done in the end. All in all, a very pleasant person to meet and get on with. Wishing you all the best, we will quite possibly meet again sometime.


Diary Stephen Lendman

Stephen Lendman

Hamed, we’ve known each other for years. You’re a valued friend and ally. We both support ending years of unjustifiable US/Israeli vilification of Iran, solely for its sovereign independence, no other reason. America wants all independent countries transformed into pro-Western vassal states, their resources plundered, the people exploited - wars of aggression, color revolutions, old-fashioned coups or assassinating leaders its tactics of choice. For 37 years, Iran remained free from the scourge of US dominance, hopefully remaining so forever. My very best, Hamed, to you and your family.


Diary Jim W Dean

Jim W Dean

Hamed, My obvious choice will be of course my being able to watch all of your work for the New Horizon conference last Spring. Such events I know are very difficult to put on with a large number of foreign guests plus all the pressures that the Iranian government was under at that time.
Organizing it all was a big job in itself but it also was executed very well despite the busy Iranian featured speakers who had to come long ways to participate, on top of their normal other duties.
I am told that this year’s conference got more Iranian domestic media than in the past, something that made the guests very happy to know more of your countrymen would know we were there, and why we came.
But the biggest present to us all was the decision made to let the Horizon guest split up and go to a large number of Iranian cities to meet and talks with many levels of Iranian society, and this was a great success as told by both sides who enjoyed the experience very much.
I learned a lot more from the Iranian people due to my Bandar Abass part of the trip. I look forward to the next one if it is schedule for next year.
And lastly the final ceremony was just fabulous. The people here that I have shown my of the event to could not believe their eyes that Iranians would welcome Americans in particular to their country after all you have endured from the Trump regime.


Diary Thierry Meyssan

Thierry Meyssan

"Hamed, You grow up quickly. I hope you will be happy"


Diary Prof. Claudio Moffa

Prof. Claudio Moffa

To Hamed
I was very impressed by last visit, by grace of Reza Montazami and you I was able to successfully accomplish and I had a great satisfaction at the Center for Studies on Palestine in Tehran last November. I feel that this Institute should be better known in Italy and in Western countries, because of the presence in his library of documents and remarkable books for the study of Palestine and the resistance of his people against the Zionist colonization. I Also take this opportunity to compliment you for your ability to communicate and cultivate contacts with Western intellectuals, teachers, writers and journalists: a definitely useful activity, as generally all initiatives which I participated in Iran from 2009 to the present, to overcome the misunderstandings and combat anti-Iranian propaganda in Europe and as well as in the US.


Diary Jacob Cohen

Jacob Cohen

J'ai connu Hamed Ghashghavi il y a déjà quelques années, à son initiative, car il appréciait mon travail de militant antisioniste et voulait me faire venir en Iran pour participer à des conférences. Cela n'avait pas pu se faire jusqu'à cette année, où j'ai eu la chance de faire un séjour merveilleux et enchanteur et de découvrir une société iranienne dynamique, tolérante, dévouée. A l'image du camarade Hamed. Il est obstiné dans le bon sens du terme, c'est-à-dire que lorsqu'il a un objectif en tête, il veut le mener jusqu'au bout en ne lâchant jamais. Pendant mon séjour en Iran j'ai vu Hamed se démener avec énergie, amitié et humour pour assurer le bon déroulement des conférences, des réunions et des interviews. Il semblait infatigable, le sourire aux lèvres et la bonne humeur constante. La réussite de ces conférences lui est due en grande partie. C'est un privilège d'avoir connu ce camarade militant, ce citoyen qui aime son pays et arrive à nous faire partager son amour. J'ai appris plus tard qu'il s'est marié et je voudrais lui souhaiter tout le bonheur et toute la réussite qu'il mérite


Diary Manuel Ochsenreiter

Manuel Ochsenreiter

Dear Hamed!
The famous German writer, philosopher, thinker and war hero Ernst Jünger once wrote:
"Our hope rests in the young people, who can tolerate high temperatures"
You are definitely one of them!
Don't cool down!
Your Friend


Diary Prof. Alexander Azadgan

Prof. Alexander Azadgan

Dear Hamed,

Thank you for doing what you do for the sake of truth and justice. It is young, socio-politically active Iranians (multi-lingual, intelligent, media-savvy, with excellent organizational skills) such as you who bring the rest of us academicians together so we can get BIG THINGS done and contribute to the greater pool of knowledge. Never give up Hamed. We need young, energetic, enthusiastic Iranians like you. Our enemies are very organized. But with folks like you, we will be MORE ORGANIZED than them and ultimately defeat them in the court of public opinion.

Best Wishes,


Diary Ahmed Rami

Ahmed Rami

Hamed Ghashghavi is a good model and a good example of the youth and the new generation that will take over in the future of the Islamic revolution in Iran to continue the work initiated and instituted by Ayatollah Khomeini and which is today Headed by Ayatollah Khamenei.


Diary Jean Michel Vernochet

Jean Michel Vernochet

My friend Hamed Ghashghavi
is a real artist,
His very real talent must be cultivated to reach the heights to which he is destined,
May he be thanked here for his communicative cheerfulness and his constant joy of life,


Diary Konrad Rękas

Konrad Rękas

Of course, everyone in Poland or Scotland, both of my countries, envy me being in Iran. For some, it's just one more "exotic" place on Earth. For others - Iran is still a mystery, hidden by the information noise in the Western media. For many, however, Iran is a New Hope. It is an example and model of society, state and civilization built on tradition, on identity, on faith and respect. For a person who, like me, travels almost everywhere finding the same problems: americanization, demoralization, corruption, peoples-damaging social differences, arriving in Iran was a real deliverance. The Iranians sometimes do not appreciate themselves as being free.

I understand that people everywhere in the World just want to live peacefully, safely and with enough prosperity. I also know that Iran, for so many years, when has been subjected to aggression, economic sanctions, and recently terror - deserves nothing but peace. But also the World needs Iran. We need your commitment, your experience, your wisdom. That is why all people of free minds come to Iran and we breathe finally full breast and then we can go back and fight againg in our enslaved countries. Thanks to such people as my friend Hamed - we overcome the barriers, we build an alliance of thoughts and do something really important and valuable. As Iran gave us the example.


Diary Gilles Munier

Gilles Munier

My dear Hamed,
I have an excellent memory of my last stay in Iran, largely by grace of you who is a science well regarding the history of your country.
I was impressed by the quality of your French and your knowledge of the true French song. You could teach to some of some of my compatriots who speak as they write their text messages ...
Thank you also for the help you have given me by translating dispatches from the Iranian press agencies into French.



Diary Dragana Trifkovic

Dragana Trifkovic

Dear Hamed,
Thank you for the invitation to visit Iran. it was a new and an extraordinary experience for me. It was a great pleasure to get to know Iran, especially the people of Iran and you personally. I have seen how much energy and effort you invested in organizing the conference and how much you wanted to be the best possible host for us. After the hard work for the conference, it was nice to see you always smiling and cheerful, listening to each one of us, like a good host. Although you like joking, it has nothing to do with the seriousness required by the job of organizing the conference, and for which you deserve the highest praise. I will remember Iran for its energy, hospitality, kindness, seriousness and joy. And finally, I would like to thank Iran because it gathered in one place so many important and libertarian thinkers in Tehran.


Diary Manuel Galiana Ros

Manuel Galiana Ros

"My friend Hamed is a very young and hyperactive man. He lived in France and I hope that did not contaminate himself by all the western decaleit habits. Also I recommend that he starts some courses on yoga, meditation or similar in order to better channelize his energies and get some beloved and peaceful times."


Diary Ladislav Zemánek

Ladislav Zemánek

My friend Hamed is an unforgettable and extraordinary person. When I was in Iran for the first time, he was accompanying me all the time. He proved to be a tireless companion and organiser from whom positive energy, enthusiasm and passion emanated - and are emanating on and on. I believe that if the Islamic Revolution´s and the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini´s heritage are in hands of such people as Hamed, Iranian people will not need to worry about future destiny of their beautiful country.
Best regards,


Diary Tesa Tesanovic

Tesa Tesanovic

I dont know when does Hamed find time to sleep, he seems to be active almost 24 hours a day. As one of the most hard working people i met, he is prepared to multitask several different things at same time, by being able to focus on so many different things, running from one duty to another. Besides being very busy, even in the most responsible situation, when there is no time for anything, he never loses the spirit, and he always made us laugh with some joke. I dont what more to say, but except, that Hamed needs to rest more


Diary Eric Walberg

Eric Walberg

Dear Hamed,
My trip to Tehran anti Zionist conference was like a miracle for me. It is gratifying to join you in the struggle to liberate Palestine. To have an Imam as head of state is an important advance of democracy. You are an inspiration to the world. I was fascinated to visit the US embassy building - a snapshot of the past. It was like going back 30 years in time to experience the excitement of the Islamic Revolution.


Diary Lucien Cerise

Lucien Cerise

Many thanks for this invitation
I finally understood what had happened during the Iran-Iraq war.
The landscapes are magnificent
The welcome is warm.
The conference and the discussions were very stimulating.
I regret that there is no organization in France to do anything similar.
Protect your country: that is my message to Iranian friends.


Diary Dr. Ahmed Bensaada

Dr. Ahmed Bensaada

Dear Hamed
What can I tell you after this stay? Which words can we use to describe Iranian hospitality?
Which sentences can we write to bear witness the conference's richness and the quality of speakers?
A simple word: Thanks


Diary Yvan Benedetti

Yvan Benedetti

Yesterday, I did not know you but after this stay it seems that I always knew you.
I leave Iran with many memories in the head and some of the French songs that you offered to us, French guests, as a gift
thank you for your joy, your kindness, your good humor, your availability,

thank you for your love of the French and France
thank you for Iran that you help to love


Diary Dogan Bermek

Dogan Bermek

After exchanging a long series of messages over internet I finally met with a very young and energetic Ghashghavi in Mashhad in early 2018. He kept his friendly joyful and energetic standing during all this very busy days. Always ready at everywhere, answering any message within few seconds. It was nice to meet with Hamed and his very friendly presence. A fee months later he married and I wish a happy and great life to Hamed and to our lucky bride.